student project
Promotional Design
Kean University 2019

5% is an in-depth design research project examining the thinking of young adults by posing and dissecting the question every-up-and-coming young professional is asked, "Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?"
By conducting interviews with students and professionals, we started at the surface of small talk and formal conversations. One's 20's is a time when individuals discover, explore, and test their strengths and weaknesses. As creatives, individuality is key, yet many times it is diminished by social conventions. The journey of self-discovery is ongoing; through this research, we've created a catalyst that can drive others to seek-out their 5%, embrace their own story, be gutsy, and own it.
A collection of anonymous responses in relation to a few key insights about 5% and a one-question survey: What is the 
5% that sets you apart? Our 5% is more than just an adjective to describe ourselves. It's how we demonstrate those actions and prove our worth.
Strategically placed around communal areas on college campuses to drive students to take initiative and seek-out their 5%. Each vehicle is filled with journals to be distributed to students.
Each journal contains prompts to promote thinking deeply about individuality and embracing what makes each of us unique.
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